Best Web Designer Interview Questions and Answers

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What are the most commonly used languages and platforms for website design?

The following are the main languages or platforms used for web designing:

• HTML which stands for Hypertext Markup Language that helps design the base template.

• CSS which stands for Cascading Style Sheets is used for styling the pages.

• JS which is JavaScript is used to code the functionality.

• PHP or Personal Home Page which is used for server-side scripting.

web designer interview questions

What is HTML?

HTML is Hypertext Markup Language which is the most used language for making web pages or websites.

What is the function of CSS in web design?

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are needed to give the look and feel of any website. They help in the management of font styles, sizes and color combinations that are required for web pages. One change in the CSS file will cause a change to the entire website because web pages retrieve data every time and then display it.

What is an external style sheet?

An external style sheet is a document that contains the style information for many web pages or HTML files. The external CSS is normally linked via the LINK tag that comes under the HEAD element. This external CSS with the elements must have the relevant extensions such as style.css.

Differentiate between HTML elements and HTML tags?

HTML elements are used to communicate with the browser to render text. HTML tags are elements surrounded by angular brackets. HTML tags surround text and come in pairs.

What is Semantic HTML?

Semantic HTML denotes a coding style where the tags indicate the semantics of text that is to be conveyed. For e.g.,  denotes bold text, denotes italics and so on. Semantic HTML only represents formatting without any structure or meaning.

Explain the term DOCTYPE.

The term DOCTYPE conveys to the browser what type of HTML must be used on a web page. In turn, the browser uses DOCTYPE to determine how a page must be rendered. Not using DOCTYPE may load the page in the incorrect mode.

How do you incorporate current design trends into your projects?

Design changes with the times and employers want a designer that thoughtfully incorporates new trends to stay up-to-date.

Example: I’m always reading design blogs to keep track of trends to mix in with my own style. Climbing Walls Magazine and Maximalist Web Designer are two of my favorite sites. I like to find styles very different from mine, then find ways to use pieces of them to make the classic, well-received designs more fresh and fun.**”

When you receive client feedback, how do you integrate it into your own designs?

Companies are looking for designers willing to revise their work, but able to communicate when they may not agree with a revision.

Example: “I always express my openness for revisions to the client. However, if a suggestion is made that would decrease optimization or responsiveness, I advise them that while their idea is great, it could have a negative impact. Normally when people understand the adverse effects they are fine with the design. If they still want the revision made, I will make it.**”

What are some design components of an optimized website?

Employers are looking for candidates that understand optimization and its importance.

Example: “A few common ways to implement optimizations include minimizing CSS and JS code to load pages faster, compressing assets appropriately, clean HTML and not loading unused scripts or CSS modules.”

How many H1 tags can you have on the single web page? Does it even matter?

<h1> tag is for the main heading, and a webpage can have only one H1 element except for ARTICLE Or SECTION elements. It is very essential for search engines to understand the content on the web page’s coding. Using H1 elements impact the performance of SEO.

What are the elements that have been disappeared?

Some of the elements like <frame> and <frameset> have been eliminated. Some other elements that are no longer supported are <noframe>, <bigcenter>, <applet>, and <basefront>.

What is the difference between bulleted list and numbered list?

Bulleted list uses <ul> tag which is called “unordered”, and <ol> is for ordered list.

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