Salesforce CPQ Interview Questions

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Salesforce CPQ Interview Questions:

Top 15 Salesforce CPQ Interview Questions and Answers

Salesforce CPQ Interview Questions

Best 15 Salesforce CPQ Interview Questions and Answers

Can you explain briefly about Salesforce CPQ?

CPQ is mainly used in business that is used to quote the configurable products by the sellers. It is mainly used by the sales teams so they can create the quotes without any dependencies.

What do you know about QTC?

QTC stands for Quote to Cash.

QTC mainly contains the functions like

  • Order  fulfilment
  • Billing
  • Account management
  • Sales
  • Accounts

Mainly QTC acts like an end to end function. QTC ends with the cash and sales reports which can be understood by the users.

Explain briefly about Salesforce CPQ?

With the help of Salesforce CPQ Customers can view all the products  i.e. assets in the dashboard.

With the help of Salesforce CPQ one can create customer solutions easily, product catalogs can be navigated easily, Usage prices, renewals etc. can be done easily.

Explain briefly about search filters?

Search filters are used to filter the products based on attributes for selecting the products that are available. A company or any organization may have many numbers of products listed. It is very difficult to find any product by the sales representatives which they need from the list.These search filters make it easy to find any product from the list.

Explain briefly about the product?

An item or any service or a thing which can be sold to the users or customers is known as the Product.

There are different types of products like Product bundles, MDQ products, Subscription products, Usage based products.

Mention any one difference between Product family and product group?

The products which are similar to each other come under family group. For example the products that are produced by a single company, then these products come under the product family.

The products that are separated based on Categorization on the business model for their business purpose is known as Product group.

Top 15 Salesforce CPQ Interview Questions and Answers

What is meant by price list in Salesforce CPQ?

The list that contains all the prices of the products is known as the price list.

How can you add a product to a product catalog, explain the steps involved when adding the product?

Click on the create new button in the dropdown list that is available in the sidebar.

select the option as “Create Product”.

The product page will be opened that contains all the details of the products and then fill the details of the product which you are going to add.

Save or submit.

Explain briefly about the Quote template?

A quote template is an arrangement of quote data in a formatted element that contains the details like expiry date, company name, address, logo, price and many other fields.

There are two types of fields. They are:

  1. Static Fields: Address, logo etc comes under static.
  2. Dynamic Fields: Expiration dates or the things which have expiry.

What are the object relationships in CPQ?

  1. Assets
  2. Block price
  3. Additional documents
  4. Configure attributes
  5. Contract
  6. Cost
  7. Lookup data
  8. Error condition
  9. Opportunity
  10.  Quote template
  11.  Product
  12.  temperature action
  13. quote line
  14.  Substitution
  15. block price
  16.  configuration rule
  17.  contracted price
  18.  Custom action
  19.  custom action condition
  20.  custom script
  21.  discount category
  22.  discount schedule
  23.  discount tier
  24.  error condition
  25.  Favourite
  26.  favourite product
  27.  favourite share
  28.  import column
  29.  import format
  30.  install processor log
  31.  line column
  32.  localisation

Explain briefly about Alert rules in CPQ?

When the configuration or pricing of the product is done an informational message is generated. This is known as the alert rule so as to save or no changes required.

Mention some of the product pricing methods in CPQ?

  • Block Pricing
  • Cost and Markup pricing
  • Batch pricing
  • Contracted pricing
  • product pricing overview
  • guidelines for the effective quantity field

Mention some of the page layouts that are available in CPQ?

  • Account page
  • Asset page
  • Contract page
  • Opportunity page
  • Product page
  • Product option page
  • Quote page

Salesforce CPQ Interview Questions and Answers

Mention some of the Special fields in CPQ?

  •  apply partner discount first
  •   approvals achieved
  •  channel discounts off list
  •  contracted account ID
  •  Custom active contract
  •  document currency symbol
  •  include prior quantity

 list the fields for calculating in Salesforce cpq?

  •  additional discount
  •  distributor discount
  •  start date
  •  end date
  •  Primary
  •  first segment term end date
  •  Mark
  •  partner discount
  •  Subscription term

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