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free python course online

List of Free Python Course Online

Introduction to Python programming by Avinash Jain:

This free Python Course Online is an introduction to Python programming Jain Is For beginners who are having a basic knowledge of programming and also for all the beginners who are not having a basic knowledge of programming. In this course, you will learn about Python programming basics and how to write your own scripts and functions.

This free Python Course is an online video course.  if you need suffocation of course completion then you need to pay for the course. The total duration of this course is 1 hour 39 minutes.


  • Introduction to Python programming
  • Basics of Python Programming like variables arithmetic operators and strings placeholders about list directories tuples conditional statements looks like for loop while loop exceptions like try and catch about inbuilt functions and About object oriented programming concepts.

Python from beginners to intermediate in 30 minutes by Gautam:

with this python from beginner to intermediate in 30 minutes by Gautam course will guide you from scratch that is from installation 2 advanced concepts.  This free Python Course Online is mainly for students for a total duration of 1 hour 32 minutes.


  • Python Programming introduction:
  •  how to install Python package
  •  numbers in Python
  •  variables in Python

 about modulation functions:

  •  about modules  and functions libraries
  •  how to save a python script
  • about strings in Python:
  • about if and else statements and nested if statements
  • about while loop for loops and infinite loop in Python
  • functions like user-defined functions and function parameters
  • class, object, methods  and extended classes

Interactive Python tutorial by

This Python tutorial is a free Python Course Online biodata camp.  you can learn more practical knowledge by solving interactive coding challenges under expert trainers.  whether you are an expert or fresher this course is for you. This interactive Python tutorial is divided into four sections namely basics, Data science, advanced tutorials and other python tutorials.


  • Basics of Python programming:  variables Types of variables, lists, Operators, String, conditions loops,  functions, Classes objects dictionaries and modules.
  • Numpy Arrays
  • Pandas
  • Generator
  • Multiple function arguments
  • Regular expressions
  • Exception handling
  • Serialisation
  • Map
  • Filter
  • Reduce
  • Decorators

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python  by Harvard University: Free Python Course Online

You can learn with a live project on graphs search Algorithm, classifications, optimisation of reinforced learning, and machine learning programs. By the end of this free Python Course Online, you can design intelligent systems on your own and also how to apply all the principles and techniques in your work.


Computer science data Structures, artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, neural networks, algorithms for programming and python .

Programming for everybody by Michigan University:

If you are having a basic knowledge of computers then this course will make you a master in Python programming.  This free Python Course Online mainly covers the basics of Python programming by developing simple Python programs and instructions.  in order to  learn this programming for everybody getting started with Python quotes has no prerequisites. 

Up to now, 207 9122 students have already enrolled on this program for everybody getting started with Python by the University of Michigan. This course is absolutely free self-paced videos with a total duration of 19 hours.  If you need a course completion certificate then you need to pay fees for this course.


  •  Why we need to program
  • How to install and use python about variables and expressions in Python
  • Conditional code in Python
  • Functions in Python
  • loops and iteration in Python like definite loops and how to find the largest values using loops 

If you have any queries regarding the Free Python Course Online, please comment in the comment section. Help freshers team will respond to your query as soon as possible.

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