Free Digital Marketing Courses

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Free Digital Marketing Courses: We live in the competition world where everyone competes with each other regardless of age and education. What makes us able to compete with others is our Skills. Every skill or knowledge which we need is available with some mouse clicks.

Whether you need basic knowledge or advanced knowledge in Digital Marketing. Here we have listed some of the best free Digital marketing Courses for you to enhance your skills.

Some of the courses are absolutely free Digital Marketing Courses with certification and some are free digital marketing courses without certification. 

Free Digital Marketing Courses
Free Digital Marketing Courses

Free Digital Marketing Courses

Fundamentals of digital marketing by Google:

Are you a fresher and planning to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing that helps to grow your business and also your career then the fundamentals of digital marketing by Google is best suited for you.

This is the Free digital marketing courses offered by Google containing the 26 models for 40 hours With live examples. After completion of fundamentals of digital marketing by Google you can take a free free online test containing 40 questions. 

If you pass the final exam then you will get certified as a digital marketer.  you can download this digital marketing certificate And mention it in your resume and also in LinkedIn.

After successfully passing your Free digital marketing course by Google exam you can download your certificate in PDF format. you can download the certificate whenever you wish.


  • The online opportunity
  • First steps in online success
  • How to build your web presence
  • How to plan your online business strategy and how to stand out from the competition based on goals to achieve your business success
  • How search engine works  and Google search console
  • How we discovered with search using receiver planning process I have to choose keywords for your SEO
  • How to make your web pages SEO friendly
  • Search engine marketing
  • How to improve your search campaigns
  • How to get noticed locally that is for local business
  • Social media marketing
  • How to advertise on social media
  • Possibilities of mobile devices, mobile apps and mobile web applications
  • Content marketing how to write content for your online audience
  • Basics of email marketing and how to connect through email
  • Display advertising that is how we can advertise on other websites
  • Display advertising
  • Video marketing how to create videos within your budget sharing and promoting your videos and measuring the performance of your videos.
  • Google  analytics
  • How to find success with analytics
  • How to turn the data into insights
  • How to build your own online shop
  • How to sell more online your products
  • how to expand your business.

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Free  basics of digital marketing course by udemy:

A total of 109 Free Digital Marketing Courses available in Udemy. This is the best place to learn new skills for free of cost without certification. This free digital marketing course created by Saurav Jain.  In this free course you can learn all the basics of digital marketing.  This course is a free online video content based, if you need a certificate after completion of your course then you need to purchase this course. 

Course duration: 5hr 45 min

What you will learn from this  basics of Free Digital marketing courses: 

  • About digital marketing.
  • What are the important skills Required to become a successful Digital Marketer.
  • Reasons Why to learn digital marketing.
  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation, search engine marketing, social media marketing and  affiliate marketing.
  • How to make money online using affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • How to  design landing pages and lead pages
  • What are the tools required to design landing pages?
  • Blogging
  • About Google Analytics and how to use Google Analytics
  • How to create LinkedIn profile Twitter profile
  • Generating leads using Facebook and how to target your audience using Facebook
  • Generate leads using LinkedIn
  • Twitter ads
  • Growing Instagram followers

Some of the free Digital Marketing Courses in Udemy are:

  • Digital Marketing associate Certification course by SM study certifications.
  • Digital marketing fundamentals with live projects by Sangeeta Kumar
  • Free digital marketing and SEO Master course by  extensive online
  • What is online and or Digital Marketing by Olivier
  • Online digital social media marketing and sales free training by mark
  • Digital marketing strategy by Steven
  • Free basic digital marketing course by Anish
  • Applied marketing strategies in the digital era by Ilenia
  • Digital Marketing lead generator by Empire thoughts
  • Free digital marketing internship orientation by Sayed
  • Understand and Evaluate Digital Marketing Channels by SM Study certifications.
Free Digital marketing Courses
Free Digital Marketing Courses

Inbound marketing course by HubSpot Academy:

Inbound marketing course by Hubspot Academy is one of the best free digital marketing courses next to free Google digital marketing course For beginners.  Inbound marketing course is a free certification course offered by Hubspot Academy.  Hubspot Academy designed their courses for all levels of people like beginners, intermediate And advanced levels.

you can learn  the different marketing techniques from the beginning to the end various modules like  content creation social-media promotion converting leads.  By completing an inbound marketing course, you can create your own  marketing strategy.  This  inbound marketing course consists of 8 lessons,  34 videos,  8quizzes  and a total duration of 4 hrs 12 minutes.


  • Introduction to inbound marketing
  • How to create topic clusters and important  pages
  • How to do social media promotion
  • How to develop a marketing strategy
  • Understanding strategy
  • Understanding leads
  • Customer marketing approach
  • How to align your marketing with sales.

Not only inbound marketing course hubspot Academy also contains various free certification courses like content marketing, email marketing, lead generation, reporting and performance, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, Web design and inbound services.

Free Diploma in E-Business by Alison:

Up to now, A total of 117937 students enrolled for this free diploma in e-business. This free diploma in e-business will teach you how to build a business strategy for your e-business and also improve your landing page speed for high conversion rates,  how to optimise for local searches how to find find out the right keywords for your ads, how to use Google Analytics how to install Google Analytics using tracking code and analytics techniques.

A diploma in e-business  course is free of cost and if you need certification then you need to purchase the course.  This Free Digital Marketing courses is of  6 – 10hrs duration. This course consists of 15 modules  and 121 topics.


  • How to build online business introduction
  • basics of Google Webmaster
  • basics of marketing online  and how to market through Google
  • how to use Google AdWords and Google AdSense
  • basics of Google Analytics and how to use Google Analytics.
  • understanding Google Analytics data
  • how to navigate Google Analytics report like e-Commerce reports

Each of the concepts have some concepts which are explained in detail in a step by step manner that can be easily understood by the beginners.

Become an online marketing manager by  LinkedIn learning:

This online marketing manager courses for the candidates who are having  basic skills of digital marketing and willing to enhance their knowledge in advanced concepts like how to use the latest tools and to implement the strategy to achieve success and how to use popular social media platforms.  This Free Digital Marketing courses is for a one month free trial. In order to avoid  premium course fees  you need to cancel the  premium course before the trial period ends.


  • About online marketing foundations
  • About growth hacking found
  • How to use advanced branding
  • Basic SEO Like keyword planning Link building techniques
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Google Analytics and Google Ads
  • Facebook advertising
  • Twitter advertising
  • How to sketch for UX Design

Free Digital Marketing Strategy by the University of Edinburgh:

This Digital Marketing Strategy is offered by one of the top University Edinburgh through EdEx and it’s a part of the professional certificate. This is a self-paced free course If you need a certificate then you need to pay a fee of Rs.14485.

One can learn Digital Marketing Strategy course in a practical manner to identify and maximize the risks and opportunities of your business.

After completion of your Free Digital Marketing courses you can develop your own strategy to achieve your business goals based on competitors. This course is for Intermediate to expert level candidates.

Total length of 8 weeks (4 – 6 hrs/ week).


  • Why do we need to use digital marketing?
  • Why do we need digital on products?
  • What are the changes in technology to be aware of by a Digital Marketer?
  • Competitor Analysis
Free Digital Marketing Courses
Free Digital Marketing Courses

Your destination for online advertising success by wordstream (Growth Academy):

Is your business or marketing agency facing any problems? growth Academy provides free online on demand video training for all types of businesses and marketing agencies with their expert trainers.

you can directly start your training program from where you need by skipping the topics which you already know. This is the best feature available in Growth Academy. After completion of your course, you can get a digital marketing certification by completing the growth Academy assessment test with free of cost.


  • Basics of advertising  include paid search, Facebook advertising, Google shopping, display advertising, remark, CRO conversion rate Optimisation and YouTube ads.
  • how to get more leads using Google ads and Facebook ads
  • how to sell more products in online  include Google ads, Facebook ads and Instagram ads for eCommerce
  • How to grow my agency includes successfully building a PPC offering,  how to select pricing, winning and retaining business, how to manage accounts sufficiently, and hiring the employees.

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