Digital Marketing Books

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Digital Marketing Books: Here we (Help freshers) have chosen the best 5 Digital Marketing books for beginners and experts to learn Digital Marketing from Scratch to Expert level to grow your business or client business fastly and also increase your knowledge in parallely.

Whether you are telling a story or any product based story or any success story then you need managing skills, communication skills and marketing skills to successfully engage with the customers. Here marketing plays a major role to reach the business to the right people. The marketing field is evolving day by day and changing rapidly.

Digital Marketing Books

In this present technology, Digital Marketing has a huge boom and you should update yourself to stand in the competition. Here we have collected some Best Digital Marketing Books that help you in creating strategy, Social media Marketing, Email marketing, Google algorithms etc.

5 Best Digital Marketing Books

Digital Marketing Strategy:

If you are working in the Digital marketing field and have knowledge and facing problems to drive traffic to your client site then you need to create or find the best strategy that fits your business or client. In order to know how to create strategies then Digital marketing Strategy an Integrated approach to Digital marketing or Online Marketing book is for you.

you can learn digital marketing concepts like planning integration and measurement of each digital marketing platform techniques like social media marketing,  Search Engine Optimisation,  content marketing,  User experience and automation,  email marketing.  This book guides you on how to create a digital marketing strategy, practical implementation, paid search, email, and how to generate leads with Best Digital Marketing Books.


  • Useful for everyone
  • Best to know how to create strategy

Social Media Marketing Mastery:

This book teaches you how to master Social Media Marketing and consists of 3 books in a single. By following this book you can gain more knowledge on how to build your brand and how to become an influencer on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram and also how to create strategies for SMM.

You can change the way that you are doing marketing regardless of platforms, time, budget. This Digital Marketing Books teaches you how to become an influencer on Fb, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram at the time of advertisement and also can build your own brand at the same time.

You can know the power of instagram marketing, how to grow followers in instagram by using personal branding and strategies.


  • Good book for Social Media Marketing
  • How to create strategy for clients
  • Worksheets and tools to use
  • Easy to understand

The One Page Marketing Plan:

If you are handling a client or have started your own blog and are thinking of how to drive traffic or get new customers, make more money and stand out of the crowd then the 1 page marketing plan book will teach you all these things.

This book teaches you by dividing the things into four squares and makes you zero to hero in Digital marketing by following these techniques. With these techniques you can create a plan easily and fastly for your business or for your client.

This Digital Marketing books teaches you the concepts like

  • How you can get New customers or clients
  •  how to make money from the existing business for Blog
  •  What are the strategies that help small and medium-sized businesses?
  •  how to convert Users into customers easily.
  •  how to create a strategy step by step process by yourself by dividing the page into 9 squares and build a marketing plan
  •  how to get amazing results in small budgets.
Digital Marketing Books

Becoming a Digital Marketer:

As the  technology is changing fastly in the field of marketing as the fresher candidates are learning new technologies as the technology is blending as never seen before. It is too difficult to be a specialist in a single area or single domain in today’s tech. You should have Knowledge on how to build websites, how to install analytics, how to run pay per click campaigns, how to create a SEO strategy and the power of email marketing.

It is good to learn both soft skills and hard skills in the present technology world. This Digital marketing books is divided into two parts one part is for hard skills and second part is for soft skills.

In first part it covers topics like:

  • Search Engine Optimisation  to grow organic search
  •  pay per click ( Paid advertising, Google ads)
  •  social media marketing
  •  email marketing
  •  how to create reports
  •  Analytics
  •  Branding
  •  Copywriting
  •  email marketing

In second part it covers the topic s like:

  • How to write emails( creativity of writing emails)
  • Invoicing
  • Sales
  • What are the things that make you a successful digital marketer.
  • Freelancer
  • Starting Agency
  • Entry level job

SEO 2021:

Are you struggling to rank your client website in the first page of google then SEO 2021 learn SEO with the Best Digital Marketing books is for you.

Whatever the background you are from, this SEO 2021 book will guide you through SEO strategies that make you grow websites and rank in google and how to drive massive traffic to your website.

 By following this SEO 2021 book you can learn SEO from Scratch to advanced, google algorithms, finding transactional keywords, Local business rankings, Checklists and more.

This Digital Marketing books covers the advanced topics like:

  • Why are the techniques that we have learnt already are not working to rank the websites?
  • Recent updates in google algorithms and how to use them in our websites for SEO.
  • Google algorithms like May 2020 core update, BERT update, january 2020 core update, Mobiles first index, Rankbrain algorithm, How to recover your website from google penalties.
  • The best link building techniques that most experts use to rank their websites on top of the google.
  • PPC strategies.

Social Media Marketing Workbook:

Are you working on Social media marketing platform and struggling to get  engagement for the client website or  not able to grow the brand of your client  business?  It covers step by step marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest platforms.

This shows you how to promote products on social media platforms without wasting money. You can also download  worksheets  and access free tools for social media marketing.

This Digital Marketing books covers main topics like:

  •  why to use social media marketing for any business.
  •  how to do Marketing on Facebook by using posts, pages, groups and paid advertisement.
  •  how to optimise LinkedIn profile, different Content Strategies for LinkedIn.
  • Why should we tweet on Twitter, what are the hidden topics or opportunities that are available on Twitter.
  •  how to do consumer outreach Instagram by using both organic and Advertising.
  • How YouTube helps your business in three ways with our videos like supportive, SEO and Sharing,  how to make videos that can go viral on YouTube and other video platforms.
  •  how to use Tik Tok for b2c  marketing
  • How to use Pinterest and drive traffic to your business.
  •  email marketing.

Free Online Courses:

Free Digital Marketing Courses

If you have any queries regarding the Best Digital Marketing Books, please comment in the comment section. Help freshers team will respond to your query as soon as possible.

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