Best Python Books

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Python Crash Course: The best Python Books:

This book is for beginners who need  to learn Python programming from scratch like Python variables, lists, loops, libraries.One can learn how to write Python programming in Clean Code.After completion of each topic an exercise part will be given to solve the programs and test the knowledge by yourself.

In the second part of the Python crash course book  you can learn how to write code for a simple game, Python libraries,  and web application and also how to deploy the application online.

By following this Best Python books you can learn how to use Python libraries, tools, matplotlib, Plotly, Django.

You can learn how to create, customize and deploy the web application online. how to deal with errors and solve the programming problems. 

Best Python Books

Best Python Books

Python Basics: an introduction to Python 3:

This book is mainly for beginners who want to start python programming from scratch. You can learn python programming by solving exercises and Quizzes.

If you are a beginner to python programming these Best Python books are for you. You can learn programming skills from the basics step-by-step. At first, you will start with programming fundamentals and programming logics with shortcodes.

At first this book teaches you how to download, install the software and start your programming environment on your PC. 

Cons of this book:

  • No index.

Head First python:

With Head first python you will start with python fundamentals, Built in data structures, functions and small coding exercises and examples. Later moving further you can learn how to build your own web applications, Exploring database management, Exception handling, and Data wrapping, data structures, Dictionaries, Lists, and Tuples.

By reading this Best Python books you can learn how to create web applications that can store data in databases. How to manipulate the data in the Database entered by the user.

Python Programming for beginners and also Data Science:

This pack consists of Python programming for beginners and Python for Data Science explained in a neat manner so as you can understand easily step-by-step with neat and short codes.

If you are a beginner or not even having programming skills this book is for you. 

You can start your reading by fundamentals of programming with python i.e. how to setup and run the software, how to use the tools that are required for python programming, How to learn programs and code like a pro in less time with different techniques, and Practical exercises.

This Python programming for beginners and Best python Books for Data Science covers Variables, Lists, Classes, Loops, Data types, Structures, Operations and Functions, Methods and Applications, Introduction to neural networks and how to create neural networks, How to use algorithms for data analysis, how to use data in deep learning, how to use Django tool etc.

Fluent Python:

A Fluent Best Python books teaches you how to write fluent code in short, fast and more readable by using libraries.

This book covers Special methods, data structures like Dicts, sets, Unicode and data classes, design patterns, function declarations, Composition, inheritances, mixins, interfaces, operators, overloading, static typing, protocols, generators, thread, properties, attribute, class, and meta classes.

This book is mainly for beginners who need to learn code from basics to intermediate level.

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Python Cookbook The Best Python Books:

Python cookbook is mainly focused on experienced python programmers who want to learn and understand python programming deeply with modern skills. Mostly this book covers advanced concepts and techniques used by some libraries, frameworks and applications.

So this book is not for beginners who are willing to learn python programming.

Most of the programs written in this Best Python books are tested with Python 3.3. Each topic covered in this book is well explained with code examples how and why that works and that can be used in your projects.

This Python cookbook covers

  • Data structures
  • Algorithms
  • Strings
  • Text
  • Numbers
  • Dates
  • Times
  • Iterators
  • Generators
  • Files
  • I/O
  • Data encoding
  • Data processing
  • Functions
  • Classes
  • Objects
  • Meta programming
  • Modules
  • Packages
  • Network
  • Web programming
  • Concurrency
  • Utility scripting
  • System administration
  • Testing
  • Debugging
  • Exceptions

Python Data Analysis:

Python Data Analysis book is to perform data collection, data processing, wrangling, visualization and model building by using Python. You can learn how to do data analysis using python By using different methodologies and phases that are used in data analysis.

Python data analysis Best Python books are for all the data analysts, Business, and data scientists who are eager to learn data analysis using python.  If you are going to read this Python data analysis book  you should have a basic understanding of maths and basic knowledge on python.

By reading this Python data analysis book you can learn how to explore data By using different process models.

  • how to perform data manipulation by using various libraries like numpy and Pandas.
  • how to create visualisation with the help of matplotlib.
  • how to retrieve data that is stored in databases and different formats.
  • how to process the data.
  • Signal processing
  • Parallel computing
  • Python libraries
  • Statistics
  • linear algebra
  • data visualisation
  • Retrieving data
  • processing data
  • regression analysis
  • how to analyze textual data 
  • how to analyse image data
  • Arrays


  • useful for beginners
  •  for data analysts
  •  start from scratch 

Hands on data analysis with Pandas 

This hands-on data analysis with Pandas book is for the beginners who want to learn data science and data analysis  using python . if you are working as a data scientist and want to know how to implement  Pandas in machine learning projects.

Following this book you can learn  how to analyze the data, How to use Python libraries effectively that are used in data science like Pandas, numpy, matplotlib, scikit learn,and data wrangling. 

The topics included in this Best Python books are:

  • basics of data analysis
  • data frames
  • data wrangling
  • data frames
  • financial analysis
  • machine learning with Python
  • anomaly detection using machine learning
  • performing data analysis
  • how to create data visualisation
  • how to build Python scripts
  • Modulus
  • reusable packages


  • This book is good for Python programmers who want to learn Pandas.
  • Good technical knowledge and practical knowledge
  • A lot of exercises
  • Many examples
  • Can learn by developing applications with practical

If you have any queries regarding the Best Python Books, please comment in the comment section. Help freshers team will respond to your query as soon as possible.

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